MORINEX supplies Neoprene and Polyurethane (PU) timing belts including truly endless belts, open end and spliced belts ( PU only ) and dual timing belts.

Our range includes standard neoprene XL, L, H, XH and XXH pitch timing belts; steel or Kevlar reinforced polyurethane timing belts in all popular standard and metric pitches.; HTD timing belts – 3M, 5M, 8M, 14M; self tracking belts; V belts and multi rib belting, as well as belts with PAZ or PAR as well as PAZ and PAR coatings.

We offer dual timing belts with same or different pitches on each side – synchronous and non synchronous.

Synchronous dual timing belt has the same pitch on both sides; non synchronous dual belts offer different options, for example: different pitches on the inside and the outside of the belt or mix of two different pitches on the outside of the belt with a different single pitch along the width of the inside of the belt, or combination of two different pitches on both the inside and the outside of the belt, for example T5 and T10 on the outside and T10 and T5 on the inside of the belt.

Open end belting can be cut to size and joined to any length using heat press method or, if required, prepared for convenient on site pin joining.

Please contact us direct for more information regarding your specific requirements.