MORINEX offers an extensive range of belts with FDA coatings and standard and custom fabricated belts with spring cleats, nails, u-bolts, stainless steel and fibre brushes, as well as non-delaminating welded profiled tops.

Numerous FDA coatings are available including nipple, spikes, crossbar, diamond, fishbone, waffle, rib, triangle and steel brush.

Our range includes special timing belts with welded profiles, such as PU timing belts with Kevlar reinforcement and square like or triangle (25T5/550 PU/K Triangle) profiles on top  used in the cheese production.

This option offers big advantage over standard belts used for this specific application as the possibility of delamination over time of bonded blue FDA cover is completely eliminated.

Our special application belts are used in diary, meat and fish industries for conveying, sausage link cutting, slicing, slivering and other applications; in bottle inspection lines and tobacco production.

Some of our belting range referred to elsewhere in our website classifications, are seen by some customers as special application belts. These include flat belts required for check weighers, high temperature resistant belts and many, many others.

Whatever your belting requirements might be, we are here to help you.

We are happy to provide customised services to assist with your requirements. Please contact us direct for more information regarding your specific requirements.

The following is not an exhaustive illustration of our products.



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