MORINEX offers an extensive range of specialty industrial belting which includes timing vacuum and pull belts, flat and flat vacuum belts and industrial conveyor belting with standard and custom attachments.

We use all possible base belts including polyurethane and neoprene timing belts; elastic, polyamide, polyester, cotton, Kevlar, fibreglass flat belts; capping belts; standard and special conveyor belts – stainless steel, PU, silicone, Teflon and polyester or urethane belts; and all possible coatings including PU, foam, natural, neoprene, gum, NBR, XNBR and sponge rubber, silicone, Teflon, PVC, EPDM and steel brush, chrome leather, wool and Kevlar felt as well as numerous FDA quality options.

Morinex can provide you with all required textures and fabrication finishes – smooth, rough, textured, grip and supergrip, nipple, spikes, crossbar, diamond, fishbone, waffle, rib, triangle and more.

Our fabrication services include perforation of holes, tooth removal to create vacuum belts, profiling, grinding, punching, slots, custom attachments including cleats, cams, paddle cleats, magnetic attachments, nails, v guides, tracking strips and others.

Our extensive belting range covers all industries and applications, from abattoirs, aluminium, banking, breweries and soft drinks manufacturers, cardboard and paper, cigarette and filter production, dairy, food packaging, glass manufacture, right through to pharmaceutical, postal, printing, solar, smallgoods, textile and woodworking industries, to mention just a few; packaging, heat sealing, bottle inspection, conveying and weighing, credit card feeding, document and paper sorting, sausage link cutting and slicing machines, tube winding and all other applications.

Do you need belt with adhesives, chemical, corrosion, stain, oil or high, low temperature resistance; low or high coefficient of friction; antistatic qualities, low abrasion, FDA approved or any other belt for your specific application?

Whatever your belting requirements might be, we are here to help you.

We offer an extensive range of industrial belts and bands to suit most popular machines on the market. We are also able to produce custom made belts, bands and other accessories and are happy to provide customised services to assist with special requirements. We are able to meet specific requests whether through the use of different base and coating materials and / or adjusting the hardness of coatings, altering profiles, holes, slots and finishes.

The majority of our fabricated belts are molded seamless truly endless (without a joint). Application of the truly endless belts in the production process greatly reduces many problems associated with spliced belts such as: uneven wear, breaks on the joint line, variation in the speed and movement of the belts. Elimination of spliced joints means that an even hardness is achieved resulting in an increased reliability, durability and longevity. A greater reduction in breakdowns and consequent down time are the major benefits of using our seamless belts.

Our range includes spliced belts – these are supplied if this option is preferred by our customer or if required due to specific application or the size of the belt.

The following is not an exhaustive list of our products. Please contact us direct for more information regarding your specific requirements.